The Advaned Shoulder Clinic

The Advanced Shoulder Clinic offers a one-stop-shop for patients with shoulder problems who want a fully inclusive service run by experienced specialists. Whether this is your first-time presentation with a shoulder problem or whether you seek a further opinion regarding a pre-existing problem, we can help! The Clinic is run by Mr. Mohammed Waseem and Mr. Jochen Fischer who both have many years of experience in treating a wide range of shoulder conditions. They are supported by a team of expert shoulder Physiotherapists and a highly specialised musculoskeletal Radiologist.

Your first visit will include:

- An in depth assessment of your problem by the Consultant of your choice as well as a Physiotherapist

- Ultrasound scan carried out by the Consultant - if required/indicated

- Detailed discussion of your problem and setting out of a tailor-made treatment plan

If required you may also have x-rays or steroid injections during your visit, although these will incur an extra fee. Scans like MRI or CT will require an extra appointment. All CT and MRI scans will be reported by our musculoskeletal Radiologist.

An appointment in the Advanced Shoulder Clinic will give you all the information you need to understand the condition affecting your shoulder during a single appointment that will take approximately 30 minutes. We will always aim to maximise your non-operative treatment whenever possible. If you should require any surgery then this can usually be arranged within a few days.

If you would prefer to see both Mr. Waseeem and Mr. Fischer then this can be arranged, but this may incur an extra fee.

If you are currently working with a local Physio and you would want them to be present at your appointment then we can make the necessary arrangements.

Further treatment:

Injections can be carried out during your first appointment if required. 

If a decision has been made to treat your condition with Physiotherapy then this can either be arranged with our own team, with your current Physio or with a Physio or your choice. Either way it is important to us to have a direct line of communication with your Physiotherapist. This enables us to respond straight away to any changes in your condition or to arrange for a further follow-up consultation with the Consultant if required.

If surgery should be required then this can be arranged at a time convenient to you. If necessary we will be able to accommodate you within a few days.

We will routinely monitor your progress and the outcome of treamtent using well proven shoulder scores.